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If: Intermittent Fasting
★high rated (4.7)★ Intermittent Fasting App

Join our community of over 3 million people who are not only losing weight quickly and effectively with the INTERMITTENT FASTING METHOD, but also LIVING HEALTHIER. Lose weight with the Nobel Prize-winning method: You don't have to count calories anymore, you only have to count hours!

The If-App MAKES INTERMITTENT FASTING EASIER with intensive daily COACHING and RECIPES that INCREASE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS! Fast WITHOUT CRAVINGS! The recipes for the meal time are nutritionally composed in such a way that later - during the time of fasting - you will NOT get CRAVINGS.

The recipes are tailored to YOUR NEEDS. You can choose if you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or if you eat everything. Specify intolerances and allergies. Choose whether you eat a special diet, e.g. ketogenic or low carb. You get an individual compilation of recipes - tailored exactly to YOU. LOSE weight without dieting and with taste!

100,000 reviews
No equipment needed
#1 Workout App ★ lose weight in 21 days

You too can start a healthier life - without starving: 21 minutes of home workouts out a day - for 21 days - plus 21 foods that help you lose weight. Choose your nutritional plan, such as the Sirtfood diet, Keto, low or slow carb. Start your personal weight loss challenge according to your preferences.

P21 has so much to offer:

  • More than 700 recipes, share your own recipes, save favorite recipes in your personal cookbook.
  • Choose your diet and your workout plan: The home workouts don’t require any equipment, just the use of your own body weight. The 21-minute fat-burner power workouts burn maximum calories in the shortest possible time and build muscle. You don’t need any equipment, gym membership or additional products.
  • Document your achievements - even over years, start again and again. Start new programs at any time - the latest diet trends all in one app!
  • Become part of the huge P21 community Facebook group with over 14,000 members, all of whom share a common goal: Losing weight and getting fit!
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Weight control for everyone
Calculating your BMI has never been easier
Simple BMI-Calculator
Easy weight control with the Simple BMI Calculator for adults and children

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to classify your weight and find out your ideal weight! Check your BMI - with just a few clicks. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, set a target weight for a diet, or just want to quickly check your weight: With the simple BMI calculator you can get a classification of your current weight and your personal target weight in a flash.

Find out if you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Automatically calculate your Body Mass Index with the BMI formula. BMI table / BMI classification according to WHO. The BMI calculator is free of charge.

★High rated (4.7)★ BMI Calculator App
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User’s feedback

BTS Jimin sonbaenim

An excellent weight loss assistant, already lost 7.5 kg after 7 days of fasting. My state of health is excellent! Thank you very much.

If: Intermittent fasting


I have been using the program for years and it’s really great. The diet change works. There are recipes for everyone and the workouts are really great and fun when the soreness subsides. On top this program has a great support team that helps immediately and finds solutions. Keep going! ✌🏻

Program 21


This BMI Calculator is very clear and besides, the calculation is up to date with the WHO. Very, very recommendable. Suitable for adults and children. I recommend this app without reservation.

BMI Calculator

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